The power of knowing.

The power of winning.

Know if you should bid, and how much to bid
to maximize your wins and profits.


The power of Price to Win is yours every time, all the time.


You know the value of a Price to Win estimate, but it’s always been an expensive and time-consuming process—until now. Imagine if you could generate highly accurate PTW estimates for every opportunity, at any stage. EconPTW is the proprietary analytics tool that’s priced for you to win.

When should you run EconPTW?

The better question might be: when shouldn’t you? The insights from the EconPTW tool will help you determine your early strategy, identify your optimal price, and adjust your approach if significant bid requirements change. Run it once or multiple times throughout the process.

Bid Smart. Win Smart.


Opportunity Assessment.

Pursue/No Pursue

By identifying target pricing early, you can make an informed pursue/no pursue decision. This saves you valuable time and money by helping you focus your effort on only the best opportunities.

Capture Planning.

Draft RFP

As the requirements become clearer, you can update your EconPTW analysis before you start solutioning—adjusting levers such as scope, teaming and innovating.

Proposal Planning.

Final RFP

With the requirements finalized, you can now run a new EconPTW to guide detailed solutioning. It can also be used as a check against a traditional PTW analysis.

Proposal Development.

Submit/No Submit

Perform one final check to compare bid price to EconPTW results and review any differences.



What powers EconPTW

We mesh sophisticated economic theory with advanced models of competitive behavior in monopsony markets to compute instant and incredibly accurate Price to Win results. It’s priced so low you can run it for every bid, big or small, or as a supplement to a traditional PTW analysis.

Knowing right away if an opportunity is worth pursuing allows me to spend my time more wisely and win more deals.

When I use this tool, I feel like the playing field is tilted in my favor.


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