It's Time to Win.

The team behind EconPTW includes capture managers and business development professionals just like you. The EconPTW tool is the resource we wished we had to make smarter, winnable bids.


How does EconPTW help you win?


On-demand, 24/7 availability and instant results means you can run the analysis at your convenience.

A structured approach to inputs makes the process more efficient and reduces the likelihood of errors.

It only takes 30-60 minutes to gather and submit the appropriate data to run an analysis.

Your own complimentary, personal dashboard lets you clone any report and run another analysis with different inputs as the bid progresses.

Easy and free to join:
a winning combination.

There are no extra costs. You only pay once, when you run the analysis. There are no subscriptions to worry about and no hidden fees.


Step 1: Enter your data

You can enter your data all at once, or leave and come back a dozen times. The system automatically saves your inputs so you don’t have to worry about where you left off, or re-entering inputs later.


Step 2: Review your data

Once your data is collected, and before you run the analysis, we recommend you print out the summary and review your inputs with your team. Only when you’re comfortable with the validity of your information do you run the analysis.


Step 3: Get your report

EconPTW will then analyze the data though its proprietary algorithms and deliver a detailed PDF report containing your Price to Win result, and including all of your inputs. The report can be shared as-is, or incorporated into your own presentation format.


Step 4: Review and start again

Your reports and information are stored in your personal online dashboard, making it easy to retrieve your data, or clone any report and run another analysis later, with new inputs.

The two most important numbers you need to start winning.

Finding your Fools Price™ and Monopoly Price™ are key to preparing your PTW. Learn how to get them.

Secure and protected.

We take confidentiality seriously. Your data in EconPTW is private, and cannot be shared or accessed by anyone but you, or those with whom you share your password and user name. We use highly advanced client and server side encryption and multi-factor authentication to ensure your information is completely secure.

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