Introducing EconPTW, a sophisticated online tool that provides the power of an accurate PTW for every opportunity, at any stage, at a fraction of the cost of a typical PTW analysis. With EconPTW, capture managers and business development professionals will know if they should bid, and how much they should bid, to maximize their wins and profits.

Companies that regularly pursue government contracts are very familiar with Price To Win (PTW), a process which identifies the ideal bidding range. Up until now, running a Price to Win analysis was an expensive and time consuming process. This made PTW unaffordable for anything but the largest bids. Also, the resulting PTW analysis might reveal a bidding range that would be unprofitable (making the entire process a waste of time and money). And if bid requirements changed, the original analysis could become inaccurate.

EconPTW is changing all that. By using sophisticated economic theory backed by advanced models of competitive behavior in monopsony markets, EconPTW’s proprietary algorithms compute instant and incredibly accurate PTW results. No prior experience is needed for bidders to use the tool, and its step-by-step process makes client inputs clear and straightforward to enter. Results are displayed immediately.

The inventors of EconPTW’s algorithms have more than 25 years of experience in costing and creating PTW proposals, and more than 50 combined years of experience in defense business development. Says Sean O’Donnell, Managing Partner of EconPTW, “This tool gives our customers an incredible advantage. They can focus their efforts on the best opportunities, and know where to price their bids to maximize wins and profits.”

The EconPTW tool is designed so that it can be used on smaller bids or as a supplement to a traditional analysis. Companies can also use it early in the process to make an informed go/no-go decision—allowing them to focus only on smart, winnable opportunities. Once requirements become clearer, or as significant bid requirements change, the analysis can be updated as often as needed; its easy functionality lets bidders adjust levers such as scope, teaming and innovating, at any time.

Says Sean O’Donnell, “We are changing the way companies think about PTW.”